We strive to provide the best installations possible.  We also realize that there is no such thing as perfect.  To that end we use the industries best film for a clear, lustrous and almost invisible application.  We avoid films that have noticeable orange peel or those that are not top-coated to resist yellowing.  We also offer a line of products and generally good advice to care for your film. 
Professional Advice

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Clear Bra Services

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Professional Installations

There are those that promote "custom applications" which is nothing more than hand cutting the kit on your car.  Considering the film is only .008 or even .006 inches thick, it doesn't take much of an error to cut through the film into the paint.  This mistake cannot be repaired without repainting the car. This picture shows a line on the paint.  That's a "cut line".

At Dallas Ft Worth Clear Bra we use computer designed kits anytime we can.  These kits are produced by a world class design team at Xpel Technologies.  Look for the straight edges and gently rounded corners of the film and notice how well they match the body lines of the car.  It takes years of experience to achieve these tolerances. 

Seams are an inevitable part of a quality installation.  Without them the installer could never fit a 2 Dimensional piece of film over a 3 Dimensional  object.  High quality designs results in the least noticeable seam possible. Notice the straight lines of the seams in this picture. There are two seams, if you can find them.  And, again, no cuts on the car.
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