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Headlights are your cars eyes.  As time goes by they become oxidized and sand blasted, reducing the visible light transfer.  Visibility at night is critical and the cost to replace headlights can be very expensive.  One headlight can run almost $1000.  Protect the lenses from damage with ClearCoatFilm headlight protection

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Rock chips are inevitable, even after only a few miles. Paint touch-up service is provided for an additional charge.  Visual inspection is the only way to provide an estimate and results are not guaranteed.  We have had very good experience with the different methods to reduce unsightly chip damage. Once the film is applied over the repaired area it is much less noticeable.eere.

Paint Touch-up

Clean is the first part of a flawless installation.  We begin by hand washing the paint to remove loose dirt and stains from the surface.  We further clean paint with a clay bar to remove over-spray, rail dust, bug parts, and other contaminants.  All cracks and crevices are then power steamed to eliminate any remaining dust and lint.e.

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ClearCoatFilm paint protection can be installed on any painted surface. Outstanding stain resistance rejects bugs, bird droppings, hard water deposits and other environmental hazards. Digitally designed templates mean there is NO CUTTING on your vehicle.

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